I'm going to post this in 10 threads for each game, as that's how this forum is organized.

I wrote new UI layout file converter. It has very close to 100% support for all 10 Total War games from Empire to Three Kingdoms, and it works more or less like my esf2xml converter.

There was an old one that mostly worked up to Shogun 2. Now you can enjoy that for all new games as well including Troy.

If you were editing UI layouts with hex editor, please stop doing that and do it the easy way.

The converter fully decodes structure of the UI layout files, but it has limited knowledge as to their meanings. So you will often see blocks of integers or booleans, and while I'm reasonably confident that they're indeed integers or booleans, it's not always clear what they actually do. If you have any information about that, it's very welcome.

If you have any troubles with it, let me know.