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Thread: Lower tier units moved to higher tiers submod!

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    Default Lower tier units moved to higher tiers submod!

    Hi everyone! I made a small submod that moves lower tier units to higher tiers. Changes were made into these building lines: stables line, city barracks line, castle barracks line, missiles line and cannon city and cannon castle. Please if there are more building lines i need to work, inform me. Also, any bugs or mistakes should be reported here. Doesn't work with any submod that edits export_descr_buildings.txt file and works only with version 3.4. The installation is simple, simply extract to desktop and copy paste into totalvanillab/data and overwrite. Have fun. export_descr_buildings.rar
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    Default Re: Lower tier units moved to higher tiers submod!

    Thanks a lot for the time invested in doing this task.
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