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Thread: how to load order?

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    Icon5 how to load order?

    this is my load order : few time crash and playing dlc campaign sometime unit recruitment have weird bug

    1divids Et Impera - settler Units
    divids Et Impera pack 1
    divids Et Impera pack 2
    divids Et Impera pack 3
    del - faster battle2.0
    del - faster movement
    Orbis Aquarum - realistic Water
    Orbis Terrarum II - Open Beta
    Roman Legions For DEL
    1divids Et Impera - Gladiator Recruitment
    1English Unit Names Submod For Del 1.2
    1divids Et Impera 12 Turns Per Year Submod
    1divids Et Impera - Alexander
    Rome : total War Music
    No Clouds - Cloud-Free Campaign maps
    Realistic Charge impacts - Roman II version [DEL Compatable]

    is all correct?

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    Default Re: how to load order?

    Its all wrong but that is ok and easy to fix

    For off all DeI 1,2,3 need to be at very bottom of the list.

    Realistic Charge impacts - Roman II version [DEL Compatable] - this one despite name is not really compatible and will break quite a bit of DeI stuff, outside of not being realistic anyway despite what name claims.

    Also dont run Alexander and 12 turns per year at the same time. Overall you dont want to run Alexander if you are not playing that specific campaign.
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    Default Re: how to load order?
    U can try this maybe, slightly increase weight of all cav

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