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Thread: Dardanion refuses to be renamed

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    Icon5 Dardanion refuses to be renamed

    The proud people of Dardanion will simply not let me change their settlement's name, or more precisely - I change the name, and it resets the next turn. Its weird, because I've been able to rename pretty much every other settlement - except Dardanion. For the record, I originally wanted to change the name to Scupi (Skopje) for roleplay reasons, but it refuses it. I thought that maybe Scupi was just forbidden, but then I tried some random gibberish, and it reset as well.
    So, what's the deal? Is Dardanion protected by some script due to other scripting reasons?

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    Some cities in the game are kinda protected by the script and if you try to change the name, it will reset at turn end. That happens because it's part of a group of cities that if conquered their names changes according to the faction that conquered it. A Latin name if it's Rome, a Greek name if it's an Hellenic faction, etc.

    Only a selected number of cities have that. From what I remember, it includes Tarentum, Carthage, Mastia, Arse, Felsina, etc.

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    There are a host of settlements controlled by the name change script. You can't give them custom names, the script renames them to what was historically the case for that faction.

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    If Pontus holds Antioch it can't be named in greek Antiocheia, but it is called Antakiya. Greek was the official language by the time of Mithridates VI, is there a reason why Antioch can't have a greek name?

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    Thanks, so it lines up with what I assumed. A shame, but not a big deal - at least most settlements can be customized.

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