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    Default Potential Interest

    Hello all, Frosty here.

    I’m looking to poll for interest regarding the TWC University as a whole as well as for certain subjects. This post is in regards to both prospective professors and hopeful students.

    Speaking to the professors; Are there any out there that have been looking to teach a course in any particular subject? Please post so below, I myself wouldn’t mind picking up a class or two and I’m sure there are others out there waiting for the right opportunity to present itself.

    To the students; What classes do you want to see? I’m hoping if we open up a conversation we can breathe some life into this forum. I personally am available to teach a number of courses detailed below based off of the interest shown in this thread and others.

    Potential classes I would teach or co-teach:

    • ASoIaF Lore and History.
    • Signature making with GIMP. (Or mapmaking)
    • Fantasy Worldbuilding - A Dungeon Master’s perspective. (With applications in creative writing and mapmaking.)
    • A History course detailing the First World War.

    If there are any questions as to my qualifications (or in general) please ask below as this post is already getting quite long for my taste.

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    Default Re: Potential Interest

    Yeah lets do all four

    Check out the TWC D&D game!
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    Default Re: Potential Interest

    Signature making would interest me a lot.

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    Default Re: Potential Interest

    Hey Frosty, the courses you are putting up on offer all do sound cool (I would love to co-teach the world-building one, by the way ). So I would be down.

    On the other side of things, I have also been thinking about offering a course as well. It wouldn't start for a couple months at least, as I am in the very last leg of my PhD right now, but once I'm done, I would be happy to give a course on the laws (and possibly also ethics) of war. So let me know if anyone here thinks that would be interesting as well.

    In general, it is great to see someone bringing some wind back into the university though! Thanks for the Frosty!
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    Default Re: Potential Interest

    I would love to do this, but I don't want to promise something and then not follow through. The courses I made last, I remember ending up hurting what I had intended a bit by setting too high goals. It ended up being two lessons, instead of five. The students didn't know and it went ok. Back then I had less things on my plate. Very small maybe, gotta be cautious.
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    I'm currently working on a sig for gigantus. Its been a long time since I made something like this for a forum member, but the process might be of use to folks even so. So if you do gimp, I might do a subclass in the same classroom-thread for Photoshop, teaching signatures creation.
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    As to worldbuilding, I love stories, back when interactive history was a part of TWC I often considered joining. Dunno about GMing, but the process of creating a world might be very cool! Great initiative! No matter how involved I end up being with this, it's a GREAT initiative! 10000 Reps to you!

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