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Thread: MAARC LXXXIX - Winners' Circle

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    Default MAARC LXXXIX - Winners' Circle

    Creative Workshop Competitions - Check out our sister competitions here on TWC! << Picture & Video Competitions | Tale of the Week | Writers' Study General Competitions | Graphics Workshop Competition >>

    Image by cedric37.


    Congratulations to the winners!

    In FIRST PLACE is Let's Getae it on by Oga. Oga is a newcomer to the WS and in his first MAARC ever he claims victory over some of the Writers' Study's finest. Let's Getae it on is a video AAR that tells the story of the Dacians' rise to power. If you like storytelling, epic battles, great thumbnails and funny episode titles, Let's Getae it on is an AAR for you. Congratulations Oga, you receive 3 Writers' Study Competition points. You're already halfway to earning the bronze medal !

    In SECOND PLACE is Written in Sand by Kilo11. Kilo's Written in Sand is no stranger to the WS and it continues to intrigue members and lurkers alike. In a close tie-vote with our other newcomer, Leminh1998's Epirus Legendary Campaign, Written in Sand claims second place in the MAARC LXXXIX. Congrats Kilo on another place on the stage! You receive 2 Competition points to add to your abundant collection (32!). This means that you've ascended to the Top 3 of AAR writers in the records of the WS Hall of Fame! May your name live forever in the annals!

    Thanks to all those who submitted and those who voted, and many congratulations to our winners!

    The submission thread is here, the original voting thread is here, and the tie-break thread is here.

    Chapter XXXI: Éomer Returns
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    Default Re: MAARC LXXXIX - Winners' Circle

    Many thanks to all participants and voters, and especially to Turk for organizing things. It is an honor to be able to showcase my AAR again, and it is cool to see the two video AARs on display here as well, shaking up the usual stock of content!
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    Default Re: MAARC LXXXIX - Winners' Circle

    Congratulations Oga and Kilo! I agree, it's good to see video AARs shaking things up. Thanks, Turk!

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    Default Re: MAARC LXXXIX - Winners' Circle

    Congratulations to Oga and Kilo. It was fun to participate. Im looking forward to more events like this in the future.

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    Default Re: MAARC LXXXIX - Winners' Circle

    Congratulations Oga and Kilo, welcome to the hallowed halls of MAARC champions. And thanks to everyone who took part.

    All the Best,

    Welsh Dragon.

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