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Thread: [SUBMOD] Agent Visual Redesign [BETA]

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    Default [SUBMOD] Agent Visual Redesign [BETA]

    This is the beta version of my submod which completely overhauls Agent visuals, with different designs for all cultures, subcultures, subculture groups, and unique Agents for every playable faction!

    Steam download (recommended):

    Alternate download:


    The submod features many different variations for every individual Agent.
    A faction's Dignitaries, Spies and especially Champions will all have many different looks and designs representing various unit types, factional cultures, and more.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Note that this is a beta and some minor bugs are to be expected

    Known issues include:

    - Hand animations do not work.
    - Portraits do not match the Agent campaign map model.
    - Female Agents have not been designed yet.
    - Custom Unit Cards will be created sometime in the future - shoot me a DM on Discord if you're good at cropping!


    - I'm not really active on TWC, so comments, feedback, bug reports and whatnot are best delivered via the Steam comment page, or better yet through my modding Discord:

    Enjoy the mod!

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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Agent Visual Redesign [BETA]

    Well done!

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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Agent Visual Redesign [BETA]

    Mod updated! Most factions and culture groups updated with a ton of fixes, tweaks, polish and even a few complete Agent redesigns.

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    Very cool! Yesterday I was thinking about why has no one yet done anything to the agents yet but now your mod is here!

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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Agent Visual Redesign [BETA]

    great stuff

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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Agent Visual Redesign [BETA]

    Mod updated!


    - Ceasar in Gaul
    - Hannibal at the Gates
    - Imperator Augustus
    - Macedonian Wars

    Rise of Rome and Empire Divided are not compatible yet.


    - Completely redesigned Ptolemaic, East African, Italic, Etruscan and Syracusan Champions.
    - New, unique Champion for Cyrene. - Colchis Dignitaries made to look more like Hellenic inspired Caucasians than vice versa.
    - Complete redesigns of Persian ("Eastern"), Parthian, Medean and Pontic Dignitaries, unique styles for each.
    - Improved skin and hair variety for Roman Champions, they've also been made to look early Camillan/Polybian for the start of the campaign...

    ...But keep an eye out for the upcoming AVR Reforms subsubmod, coming Soon ™️

    - Countless fixes of bugs and other issues for a majority of factions.
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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Agent Visual Redesign [BETA]

    Edit: Double post. Please destroy.
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    Default Re: [SUBMOD] Agent Visual Redesign [BETA]

    Main file updated!

    - Many changes to Dignitaries of various cultures.
    - Many fixes, tweaks, etc.

    Add-on release: AVR Reforms Add-on!

    - A "subsubmod" which updates the looks of many factions' Champions to match their looks after reforms. Install this around turn 100-150 or after you hit Marian/Thureos/etc reforms!

    - Requires DeI and the AVR Beta.

    AVR Reform Add-On Downloads


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