I have already erroneously posted a crash report here. There has been a development, so instead of continuing in the erroneous thread, I will post a new one properly. After I had downloaded the latest patch, including Meloo's fix, two changes happened. First, when I load my game save, the Teutonic Order gets destroyed and turns Rebel. Second, whenever I hover the camera over any Rebel settlement (those are now Galway, Dublin, Ray and whatever is the settlement east of Ray), the game crashes. Somehow, it does not crash when I hover above Palanga, which was where the Teutons used to be. I have also found where a more complete log is located in my files, so I will provide it here. It repeatedly says that I am missing some files (e.g. "19:10:01.552 [system.io] [info] exists: missing mods/SS6.3/data/ui/northern_european/buildings/#northern_european_jousting_lists_select.tga"), yet my installer confirmed that I had all the required files and that all my files were fine. Here is the new crash log. Everything else is the same as provided in the linked thread. The file is too large to be attached using the forums themselves (entire 8 MB), so I will use Google Drive.


I hope that this sheds more light into the existing problem and that I can work with someone more knowledgeable to fix it for both myself and everyone else who might have encountered it. Thank you in advance!