Iíve noticed a few of the Celtic units like the Scordisci warriors, Oroneides, and Galathraikes seem to have had their armor demoted to 1 instead of 2 (the Scordisci are new, but fairly similar to the other two). Although this doesnít really matter in the grand scheme of gameplay, why was this done? All of the units have a fair number of helmets, which I thought counted for something. I think it still does in the Belgic swordsmen. Iíll extend this issue even further to the Gaisatoi and Uexetias (East Celt Raiders). Although theyíre naked, they each still have a number of helmets among them. I didnít think clothes were taken into account for the armor value.

A bit unrelated, but a couple of the Caledonian units have an armor value of 0. Isnít the base always 1?