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    I've managed to import the hill_village and hill_town settlements from the Teutonic Campaign into my own mod. I would like this to be the standard for all cultures except one, the southern european. But for example for the Greek culture this doesn't seem to affect anything. What am I missing/doing wrong?
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    Im not sure about the solution, but i think there are better chances for help in the Text Editing and Scripting section, because this sounds like a problem with the coding in my opinion. I mean unless you modified the models or something like that?

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    Are you referring to the strat models or the battle maps for these settlements? The strat models are referenced in descr_cultures - you can set all cultures to use the same file and drop it into your models_strat/residences folder. To set various cultures' settlements to use the new battle maps, you will need to find and delete (backup) the old settlement woldpackage files and then edit the new worldpackage files from Teutonic to use the correct cultures from your mod. Edit these files using IWTE.

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