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Thread: GOP 2024 Republican Nomination

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    Texas Democrats on Tuesday rolled out an expansive voter registration drive amid a fierce fight over Republican legislation that would curtail access to the voting booth.
    The state Democratic Party announced the creation of Project Texas, an initiative that would target what it says are the more than 2 million eligible Texans who would likely vote Democratic but are not yet registered. The top groups that would be highlighted are Hispanic and Black Texans and people 25 years old or younger, all key constituencies for the broader Democratic Party.
    Of course the Republicans will likely counter with laws that make it a crime to encourage someone to register. Or that allow them to reject a vote if the voter's skin is too dark.

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    Tbf to the GOP they dug their grave all on their own. Those like me who work in politics often have the debate as to what cycle it will become a fight over how left the DNC is instead of GOP vs DNC that matters at the national level. 2032 at latest is the common refrain.

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    Approximately 3 in 10 Republicans say in a new poll they believe former President Trump will be reinstated this year.
    I think approximately 3 in 10 Republicans are going to be very disappointed...

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