Hi all,
Im posting this thread because i noticed that at least in some cases, unit performance doesn’t reflect their statistics when pitted against other units. For example, i noticed that celtic swordsmen, such as batoroi or adskoros tend to lose decisively against standard hoplites (Dorekim Afriqim, Turm per Rasna etc.) despite their statistics (10 melee atk 18 def vs 8 melee atk 18 def) telling us otherwise. I am sure there are important factors deciding how a unit fares against another other than attack and defense, but since im not too familiar with EDU and with the way combat works in medieval 2 in general, i would like someone to educate me on this matter. Just to be clear , this thread is not about why certain types of units perform well or not so well, im simply trying to find a way to accurately compare units to each other.