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    After a lot of work and changes on the main mod, I've been playing what I consider the best Carthaginian campaign so far and I decided to share the story of the campaign with everyone. I'm not sure about including pictures because first I don't know very well how to post them and second because eventually they disappear (just look at the older AAR). Beware that while some events are planned to happen, a lot of them depend on the AI behaviour, so I don't know for sure how will the campaign go.

    I'm gonna start with a background of what happened since the beginning of the campaign until where I am now. In fact, it will be Himilco, a Carthaginian historian who will tell you all about the feats of the great Carthaginians!

    Chapter one - 272 BC to 259 BC

    Qart Hadasht had suffered with the war against the king of the Epeirotes, almost all its forces in Sikelia had been beaten except the powerful stronghold of Lilubim. There the troops had given no rest to Pyrrhus army and eventually forced him to leave the island to seek other conquests. What has left was a destroyed land but an experienced Carthaginian army. Syrakousai was then governed by Hiero who wanted to establish lasting peace with our great city and rule the people of Syrakousai. But that was not destined to happen...
    Hannibaal, the military governor in Sikelia insisted and convinced the Council of the One Hundred and Four that they should finish what they were planning to do before Pyrrhus came to the island and overwhelm the Sikelian cities. Therefore, troops were sent from Africa and Iberia to reinforce his already strong army and thus was the conquest started.

    First, Hannibaal defeated the armies of the Syracusan and their Sikelian allies in the fields during the course of two years and two great battles. The scattered remains of those armies flew to any city willing to give shelter to their fellow countryman. Soon after, Syrakousai was surrounded by the Carthaginian armies both on land and sea. Their remaining allies were either unwilling or too weak to come to their defense and after almost three years, the city perished. Sadly, Hannibaal would not live to see that happen as he died with many of his soldiers during the siege, due to an earthquake. Maybe that was a sign from the Gods that he wasn't the right General to lead the conquest. Himilqat, a noble Carthaginian coming from a rich and influential family in Qart Hadasht was chosen in his place and after performing the proper rites in the temple, he joined the army in Sikelia. He was indeed the right man to command, and soon after, the siege machines were able to breach the walls and after a general assault on the city, Syrakousai was conquered! Hiero died fighting a desperate battle but despite his skills, there was truly nothing that we could do to prevent the fall of his beloved city. Finally, after so many years, the greatest city in Sikelia had finally been subdued, engulfing Qart Hadasht with many riches, including magnificent works of art. The Carthaginian armies marched proudly in the streets of Syrakousai, many filled with booty from the campaign.

    However, the peace that we were hoping for didn't last much. The city of Syrakousai proved unruly and their citizens started instigating revolts across the island. Surprisingly, it were the Mamertine, the entitled sons of Mars, that attacked. Taking chance that the Carthaginian forces were busy, they raided far and wide across Sikelia, even daring to attack Carthaginian allied cities. This unprovoked aggression couldn't be allowed to continue and Himilqat was told to do what he could to destroy their raiding armies. The Marmetine, which were nothing more than robbers, were now being seen by some as possible liberators of the Hellenes in Sikelia and some joined their forces which allowed them to from a strong army. Seeing the approaching Carthaginians, they decided to fight. The Marmetine were veteran mercenaries that had much experience in battle, but the Carthaginian army was now an experienced force that had a very good commander and superior numbers. Indeed, after a fierce battle, the Carthaginians celebrated victory and secured the region, the remaining Marmetines retreated to Messana.

    While Himilqat was resting his troops and preparing for an assault on Messana, he received grim news from Syrakousai, a messenger told him that while he was away, the Syracusans took arms against the Carthaginian garrison during the night, killing all those who couldn't escape in time and immediately sent a message to Pyrrhus who despite the recent past, sent a contingent of Epeirote troops and mostly mercenaries. Although Himilqat tried to conceal this event from the Council, they soon discovered the truth and were rightly furious about the situation, knowing that reconquering Syrakousai meant more unnecessary bloodshed and wasn't wise to spend more money on campaign, especially when the Carthaginian finances were in such dire situation. Therefore, Himilqat was recalled to Qart Hadasht in order to explain what had happened. Thanks to his supporters, Himilqat escaped any charges from the Council and managed to retain his command in Sikelia, but the whole ordeal had left his reputation damaged and left him quite frustrated with the Council since the process took so long that the Syracusans had managed to not only secure their city but gain some more allies in Sikelia. Luckily, when he went back to Sikelia, he found a better scenario than what he was expecting for. The Epeirote reinforcement had actually been less then expected and the wars in Greece prevented any more troops from being sent to the island. The Syracusans and their allies had been abandoned by them and with his army intact, Himilqat quickly subdued the allied cities and besieged again Syrakousai. After another hard fought siege, the city finally fell. This time it would be for good and the Carthaginian general finally had time to fully secure the region.

    Meanwhile, another general, Hanno, was busy protecting the Carthaginian interests in the other regions, fighting and conquering rebels in Sardim, Iberia and Africa. Likash and the region around it was fully conquered and a Carthaginian garrison was imposed in the city. With everything secure, it was time to show the Mamertines that were hidden in Messana what defying Qart Hadasht trully meant...

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    Upload the images to imgur and they shouldn't be deleted. They say they'll leave them on there "forever".
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