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Thread: The Winners of POTW 640 & GPOTW 211 & UESW 541!

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    Default The Winners of POTW 640 & GPOTW 211 & UESW 541!

    Creative Workshop Competitions - Check out our sister competitions here on TWC! << Picture of the Week | Tale of the Week | Monthly Writers' Study Competitions | Graphics Workshop Monthly Competition >>

    The winner of POTW 640 was King Athelstan

    The winner of GPOTW 211 was Derc

    The winner of UESW 541 was Morticia Iunia Bruti

    and RafSwi7

    King Athelstan: 1 competition points and +3 reps;
    Derc: 1 competition point and +3 reps;
    Morticia Iunia Bruti: +3 reps;
    RafSwi7: +3 reps;

    Welcome friends to the next announcement of the winners of this week's competitions. So, here we go!

    The winner of POTW 640 is King Athelstan. A equestrian riding on the colorful field brings Athelstan victory in the competition. I want to believe that rider simply fell behind his army, because he admired the beauty of nature, and did not desert from the battlefield. We all know what they did to deserters in ancient Rome, and we don't want this warrior to get in trouble. In addition to winning, Athelstan receives the long-awaited gold medal and joins to The Order of the Puissant Publisher. Congratulations on your victory and the gold medal, KA, great result!

    What does a school cleaner see when a blackout catches up with her while washing the classroom? This was demonstrated to us by our German Van Gogh Derc. The horror is felt through the Derc`s screen and it deservedly takes first place in the GPOTW competition. Congratulations, Derc, when you're on the side of the dark, the light has a hard time.

    The UESW competition is won by two participants at once: Morticia Iunia Bruti and RafSwi7.

    Morticia presented a screen of a naval battle, with one ship ramming another. Clouds of spray shoot up to the sky and soon the space will be filled with the screams of the unfortunate, drowning in the depths of the sea. Great screen, Morticia, congratulations on your win!

    The excellent Warhammer screen that the Raf made, also took first place in UESW. As a person far from the Warhammer universe, it is difficult for me to understand who is being blown up by a beautiful girl on the screen, but if she was so angry, then there were good reasons for it. Congratulations on winning Raf, impressive picture!

    That's all for today. I wish you all good luck in the upcoming contests and, as always, a huge thanks to everyone who participated and voted!
    Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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    Default Re: The Winners of POTW 640 & GPOTW 211 & UESW 541!

    Great work everyone! Keep em coming!

    Pillaging and Plundering since 2006

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    Default Re: The Winners of POTW 640 & GPOTW 211 & UESW 541!

    Thank you, Alex. And thank you to my voters.

    Congratulations to Athelstan, Derc and Raf!
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    Default Re: The Winners of POTW 640 & GPOTW 211 & UESW 541!

    Congratulations to all winners! Extra congratulations for Athelstan for gold medal!

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    Default Re: The Winners of POTW 640 & GPOTW 211 & UESW 541!

    Oh my, only took 4 years or so to get to gold, had fun every step of the way though!
    I can in fact say that the general was leading the chase
    If you zoom in you can see a lone parthian horse archer fleeing in the distance!

    Congrats Mort, Raf and Derc, and good work organizing this Alex!
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    Default Re: The Winners of POTW 640 & GPOTW 211 & UESW 541!

    I seem to have a problem with the dark. Or that school cleaner, at least.

    Ty Alex, and congrats to the winners. Grand pics.

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