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    Hey there.

    I noticed an issue cropping up where apparently the Ptolemaic factional units (Phalangitai, Agema troops, etc.) don't appear recruitable until turn 2, at which point the pool refreshment starts over. The result is that, unlike Seleucids and most other factions, the Ptolemies need to wait an entire 'unit refreshment period' before they can recruit some of their more important troops.

    See here the view on turn 2. None of the grayed out units even appeared on turn 1, I had to wait until turn 2 to get them to appear.

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    That's not an "issue", that's intended:

            ; Deplenishment of Hellenistic professionals for the Ptolemaioi player
            if not I_IsFactionAIControlled f_ptolemaioi
                inc_recruit_pool region_178 -1 hellenistic cavalry hetairoi	 ; Alexandreia
                inc_recruit_pool region_178 -1 hellenistic cavalry kleruchoi agema
                inc_recruit_pool region_178 -1 hellenistic cavalry xystophoroi
                inc_recruit_pool region_178 -1 hellenistic cavalry hippeis
                inc_recruit_pool region_178 -1 hellenistic infantry hypaspistai
                inc_recruit_pool region_178 -1 hellenistic infantry makedones peltastai
                inc_recruit_pool region_178 -1 hellenistic infantry agema phalangitai
                inc_recruit_pool region_178 -1 hellenistic infantry phalangitai
                inc_recruit_pool region_178 -2 hellenistic infantry hoplitai
                inc_recruit_pool region_179 -1 hellenistic cavalry xystophoroi ; Memphis
                inc_recruit_pool region_179 -1 hellenistic cavalry hippeis
                inc_recruit_pool region_179 -1 hellenistic infantry phalangitai
                inc_recruit_pool region_179 -1 hellenistic infantry hoplitai
                inc_recruit_pool region_179 -1 thracian infantry katoikoi
                inc_recruit_pool region_117 -1 hellenistic cavalry xystophoroi ; Salamis
                inc_recruit_pool region_117 -1 hellenistic infantry hoplitai
                inc_recruit_pool region_117 -1 hellenistic infantry hemithorakitai
                inc_recruit_pool region_098 -1 hellenistic cavalry lydian lancers ; Ephesos
                inc_recruit_pool region_098 -1 hellenistic infantry peltastai logades
                inc_recruit_pool region_098 -1 hellenistic infantry hoplitai
                inc_recruit_pool region_100 -1 hellenistic infantry hoplitai ; Halikarnassos
                inc_recruit_pool region_100 -1 hellenistic infantry hemithorakitai
    The Ptolemaic professional recruitment pools start off depleted to represent their exhaustion. You need to hire mercs in the interim.

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    Oh, I see. When you say it reflects their 'exhaustion', is there reason to believe the Ptolemies were more overstretched/depleted than (say) the neighboring Seleucids? I know IRL the Ptolemies had some trouble attracting Hellenic settlers initially, but may have gotten that straightened out (perhaps after the game's start?)

    Curious to hear more of the background that reflects this.

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    Maybe winning the First Syrian War depleted too many resources?

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    It's the third year of the war; it's a combination of exhaustion, existing mobilisation, and the usual issues with garrison duty.

    Apparently the Seleukid player should have the same issue in Syria and Mesopotamia, so they will have a starting deplenishment too.

    Note none of this applies to the AI.

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