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Thread: RTR: Imperium Surrectum (RIS) - Everything you need to know

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    Default RTR: Imperium Surrectum (RIS) - Everything you need to know

    RIS - Everything you want to know! Hello, and welcome to the very first post and thread of RTR: Imperium Surrectum!

    I am ahowl11 and some of you may know me, some of you may not! In this thread I will try and explain RIS in the best way possible. This will be updated, as we update the mod.

    FAQ FAQ:

    -What is RTR: Imperium Surrectum?

    RIS is the combination of two prominent modding teams. These mods are Rome Total Realism (RTR) and Roma Surrectum (RS). Each mod has a series of major releases, and both mods have existed since around 2006-2007. The history is long for both of these mods, and both have their own forums here on TWC, you should check them out!

    -What will RIS be about?

    Essentially RIS will cover the same time frame as the original RTW and RR game, from the 1st Punic War until the Legionaries wore Lorica Segmentata. However we will be doing it a bit different to give everyone a fuller experience. Eventually we will split development into two campaigns: an early campaign with the Punic and Hellenistic Wars as it's focus, and a late campaign, with the civil wars and empire with it's legions as it's focus.
    We are combining the research and interests of the RTR team with the RS team to make this happen.

    -Will you be making a new map?

    Yes, eventually. The way mapping is for RR is much different. This means it will take more time for us to learn things, and more time to make the actual map. However, with that being said, it IS possible, and it will happen. We just ask for your patience. I can say that the map that we will be making will be what most have been asking for. Iberia to the Indus Valley and Caledonia to Ethiopia will be our vision!

    -What factions will be in the mod, now that there will be 31 slots?

    This I cannot give full details on just yet as we are still not finished speaking internally on this subject. If you like to speculate, then look on what I posted about the map, take 31 factions for an early campaign, and 31 factions for a late campaign and try to see what you'd come up with! Once we make the decision, the factions will be posted here.

    -What are you planning on doing with units?

    At first we will replace the RR units with units from Roma Surrectum 2. Then, once we figure out how the RR models and textures are modded, compiled and compressed, we will attempt to take the new body/ethnicity feature and apply it to the RS2 uniforms, armor and weaponry. We are also going to have a diverse unit roster for every faction, including Area of Recruitment (AoR) and mercenaries. However, we do not plan on going overboard, filling the mod with useless units just because they look cool or something.

    -Please tell me the battles will be better than vanilla RR?

    Of course! We are people who love history and realism, and insta routs just because you moved your cavalry to flank doesn't make battles fun. However we also understand that many of you aren't purists who want 2 hour long battles of armies in a deadlock, where you have to triple speed the entire thing! Battles will definitely be longer and more strategic than vanilla, and we will do our best with the AI just like we did with original RTW.

    -When can we expect a release?

    Each release will be different, but we aren't going to do the 4-6month or years before we release strategy. It will all be dependent on the goals of each release. We will be doing multiple medium size releases, with small patches and fixes along the way, so development should be fluid and constant.

    For the first release, you can expect it by next weekend, May 14-16.

    -What will the first release contain?

    You'll have to be patient, and find out!

    Hopefully this answers most of the big questions that are out there! In time we will be adding a lot more content to this forum!

    Links Here are other places to check out RIS:
    Steam Workshop (download the current v 0.1.0!)

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    Default Re: RTR: Imperium Surrectum (RIS) - Everything you need to know

    Small update, added Steam link to new version!

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