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    Icon3 Faction difficulty rating overhaul

    Quote Originally Posted by Cohors_Evocata View Post
    *sigh*, TWC really seems to hate me posting here nowadays. Editing this post to make some more sense now...

    EDIT: OK, so the EB II team really needs some feedback on how difficult the various factions are. I had planned to rework the intro screen to something like this before I went AWOL (I hence don't know if this made it into the mod):
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    What we need is info on both the initial campaign difficulty and the overall difficulty, as well as a breakdown of what makes the faction easy or difficult exactly. There's definitely some data to use in this thread already, but it's several iterations of EB II old by now.
    As it currently stands, the faction difficulties on the campaign menu for EB2 are quite outdated, iirc, there have already been a trend or two attempting to address this issue but none have come to fruition as of now.

    My proposal is as follows:

    • Consolidation of the faction difficulty reviews.
    • Splitting the faction difficulty into several sections:

    - Starting strategic situation (Some factions may be strong overall but getting to that point will not always be smooth sailing...)
    - Late Strategic situation (Will take geography, finances, possible reforms and late game army compositions into consideration (Most weight will be given to factional armies post turn 200 with exceptions (looking at you Rome)))
    - Faction Mechanics/Reforms (Some factions may have trait lines, administrations or role playing elements that takes some understanding to fully exploit the benefits of such as Rome's Cursus Honorum)
    - Factional/regional Army compositions (This will be evaluated on a different scale: Weak, Moderate, Strong), most of these ratings will be made relative to your neighbors' compositions and some bearing will be given to future far-flung adversaries.
    -Overall Difficulty

    The proposed difficulty scale is as follows unless stated otherwise: Easy, Moderate, Challenging, Very Challenging.

    Of course most of these ratings are subjective and a more precise criteria will be generated at a later date pending approval.

    Possible actions:
    • Additional community participation in the faction difficulty reviews/ EB Gameplay guides (And more community input regarding faction difficulties, no matter how big or small to make consolidation easier, I will also put appeals for factions in dire need of reviews if approved).

    Any and all well-intentioned input is welcome.
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