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    I'm playing on a reasonably high resolution laptop (1920x1080p) - for this reason I have to put UI at maximum size or it'd be tiny, but the minimap is still so tiny that it's essentially unusable - the whole battlefield is about the size of a postage stamp, with a big grey box around it for the area beyond the red line. It is of no use in battle as I can't make out the unit layout from it, and pausing and squinting is little help. Does anyone know if I can set the minimap to be bigger, or just zoomed into the battlefield area, without zooming right in and following my camera around? Many thanks.
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    i have the same problem... no idea how to fix it

    also i noticed the minimap on campaign level disappears every turn, and there's no way to zoom in on it at all(?) afaik. kinda lame.
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