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Thread: Rome Remaster Reviews:

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    Default Rome Remaster Reviews:

    IGN already published its review, but I find it quite short and I don't agree with all their points. I would prefer if Feral Interactive had modified the UI even less and I think he's exaggerating the AI improvements and the quality of Attila.

    A second (and very informative, in my opinion) review was released from Gudea Channel, who's also a member of our forum:

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    Default Re: Rome Remaster Reviews:

    Nice review from Gudea.
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    You can still set to old graphics in the Remaster? I'm not sure if the new one can be run on my older laptop.

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    the game is great but besides for engine improvements it is legitimately Rome: Total War. A game which needed many mods to function properly. Hopefully modders will be able to work with this new setup.....

    kinda reminds me of remastering "Morrowind" with no improvements other than better graphics and controls still much work to be done here.

    edit: BTW yo mods wheres my milestone award at?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schools of Paladins View Post
    You can still set to old graphics in the Remaster? I'm not sure if the new one can be run on my older laptop.
    I would check around first, but from what I recall, Steam let's you refund a game within 48 hours or 2 hours of gameplay, whichever comes first, so you could always buy it and see if it works for you, then get refunded if not.

    Do you have a dxdiagnostic? If so I am sure the fine folks here could help you determine if you meet the requirements, go to windows - run - then type Dxdiag into the search bar, a window will pop up showing your computers hardware specs and then you can click to save that information and paste it on here.

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