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Thread: Rome Total War Remastered....Any Information for the Multiplayer Community ?

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    Default Rome Total War Remastered....Any Information for the Multiplayer Community ?

    HI ALL
    Just to say the RTW community is really excited by this remastering of RTW ,we in the RTW Multiplayer player community have watched all the Youtubers who have got early access to the new Remastering ,and they have ALL concentrated on the Campaign part of Rome Total War ,this is great for our RTW Campaign friends ,BUT still noting for the RTW Multiplayer part of the game ,its almost like the Multiplayer part of the game is being over looked of ignored ? ,several of us from the Multiplayer community have contacted Feral (the people doing the remastering for Creative Assembly) , with only auto replies thanks for your interest kind of thing ,the Multiplayer community would like to ask for just three things in the remastering..

    1) A multiplayer lobby ,as this is only a remastering and not a new game ,and as there is a lobby in the original then a lobby should be in the remastering ,the lobby is VERY important to the multiplayer community ,this is where we meet up .make friends ,talk strategy and tactics ,make clans and plan our multiplayer battles ,and is a very important part of the social side of RTW ,we wish Feral could just confirm this.

    2) New exciting and adventurous multiplayer battle maps ,we still are playing on the original 2004 multiplayer maps ,so some new maps would be great ,maybe some island maps with several wide wading points ,how about a big island map with a abandoned town or fortress on it ,where we could fight in and around ,these are just a couple of ideas for more interesting battle maps.

    3, Maybe a Multiplayer campaign ?.

    The RTW Remastering looks really good , especially for the campaign part of RTW ,but is would make the remastering so much better for ALL of the RTW community if they just did something for the Multiplayer part of the game to.....just wondered what all of you think ?.
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