It's around 690 AUC in my Rome H/H 0 Turn RSIII campaign.

Before I end my current turn I have aound 150,000 gold.

If I tie all of that gold up in building queues so that there is only around 50 gold left, and end the turn, I am left with 206,000 gold. Removing all of the queued up buildings brings me up to around 340,000 gold.

If I leave the roughly 150,000 gold in my treasury and end the turn, I end up with around 190,000, and I immediately see around 30,000 gold dissapear from the treasury as soon as I hit the end turn button.

I've given up trying to use the finances tab to calculate income because it does something weird along the lines of counting the income in building queues and that is has been spend on buildings in progress as gold that is sitting in the treasury, I think.

Any ideas if this is meta gaming, is it something everyone accepts, does it model corruption, or is it a bug ?

Thanks !