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Thread: NTW Darthmod Changing faction language

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    Default NTW Darthmod Changing faction language


    I'm sorry if this subject has already been solved, but i didn't find an answer in the threads i read here.

    I'm playing with the darthmod and i want to change the language of Norway.

    I tried with PFM, editing the db file "factions_tables/factions" ("Sw" instead of "Ge" in the "audio_faction_string" column) and placing the pack into the data file of the game, but ... my norvegians still speak german.

    Could you help me or redirect me to the relevant topic of this forum ?

    Sorry for my english and, above all, sorry for my question if it has already been answered, i'm new on this forum.

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    Nobody has a clue ?

    I specify i've followed all the steps of erasmus's tutorial (

    But it still doesn't work. No change in the game.

    Thank you very much for any answers.

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