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Thread: Need help with my Art homework

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    Default Need help with my Art homework

    So im taking art class and i was wodnering if anyone here can help me draw cross contour lines. I have 4 objects to draw - an apple, hemp oil bottle, a picture frame and a book.

    AM I DRAWING THIS CORRECTLY???? How would i draw cross contour lines on my dads picture frame?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Default Re: Need help with my Art homework

    Wait, hemp oil bottle?

    I'm moving your thread in the Graphics workshop, maybe you can find someone with good suggestions for you there
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    Default Re: Need help with my Art homework

    Uhm, I'm the wrong guy to ask, since my experience with hand drawing is limited to being able to quickly sketch building proposals or draw explanations of joints on a piece of paper on a rough surface, and that skill is practically never needed. I drew and painted as a kid as a hobby, but I was hardly ever any good at it. Furthermore no one but you knows precisely what your teacher was asking for.

    I assume the purpose of the contour lines task here is to teach you about projecting depth onto your drawing.

    I'm not sure if you need to do this on your fathers portrait: As the picture is relatively flat, you can infer the depth.

    But off the cuff if you absolutely need to put contour lines on your father's portrait you can do it in a simple reversible way: Take some strings, fasten them to the top, arrange them such that they go down the sides in parallel. then do the horizontal lines if you need them.

    Second thing I'd recommend is that if you want to learn to draw efficiently, do it the same way you learn anything best: Split it into the smallest possible steps, and then learn these steps by doing them again and again and again.

    E.g. wanting to learn to draw a face, keep drawing circles, until you start getting good results. Then draw say 20 more circles, and on these you perform the next step the same way you learned to do the first. Rinse and repeat until you got through all steps.

    You have 4 objects here. I understand that you presumably have to hand in the result at the end. My recommendation to you would be now that you take an A4 sized sketch book, and keep drawing one object at at a time as many times as needed until you get good at it. Be fast and efficient, don't waste time on anything that isn't essential. Don't try correcting mistakes, as this would cost you the most time.

    Once you get good at it, take that big paper, and draw that same object you just learned to draw well and draw it there.

    Repeat until you have all objects on one big paper (as well as several pages filled in that sketch book of yours).

    Alternatively, you could do it like I did in that first semester of mine, and just wing all the drawing exercises the night before hand-in.

    EDIT: I forgot to answer your actual question, which was probably how good your sketches are. I can't say that I could draw better than you, but to help you improve: Your perspectives appear way off.
    The apple was drawn from almost right above, the hemp bottle is thicker and smaller than can be seen above, and the books 4 lower and upper sides are very different, which could only work if you were to watch it from below, yet we clearly see the upper side with the pages. So the upper side would have to be larger, but only slightly. All this is likely overly critical, depending on what level your school expects from you. As to how to improve most efficiently, see the above.

    EDIT1: Here's some other interesting phenomenon I can see from your picture, which is size. It's hard to maintain the same scale whilst drawing. As we draw, we make errors, and those accumulate. The larger the sketch, the less stuff fits later on. This phenomenon is probably one of the things the contour exercise tries to address and help you with. The interesting thing is that if you'd take say the apple and the bottle, the common expectation would be that they'd be far harder to draw than the book and the frame, as those two are full of right angles. As you can see, you were much better with those two than with the last two. This is probably precisely because of the size effect.

    And one final thing: Try drawing with continuous and decisive lines rather than stopping and starting. The latter is easier, especially at the beginning, but not only is the former much faster, it's where you truly get to practice your skills.
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    Default Re: Need help with my Art homework

    Quote Originally Posted by Douchebag View Post
    So im taking art class and i was wodnering if anyone here can help me draw cross contour lines. I have 4 objects to draw - an apple, hemp oil bottle, a picture frame and a book.

    AM I DRAWING THIS CORRECTLY???? How would i draw cross contour lines on my dads picture frame?

    Thanks a bunch!

    Ok, so you started doing it right with the bottle on the bottom, but as it went up you screwed up the angles. You should keep in mind that each next "ring" should have the same angles as the bottom ring, and that also goes for the cap/lid.

    The apple looks half done, you need more horizontal lines (rings?) to make it work well.

    The book looks ok but i would suggest to place it more at an angle and not facing you directly, otherwise that would be fine.

    The picture frame is the most complicated object because the surface is not flat. I think it would be a challenge to make a good cross contour of that even for your teacher. So for that one i would suggest a more simplified object - or a frame without embelishments just simple shape.

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