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Thread: After all these years this Mod still rocks!

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    Default After all these years this Mod still rocks!

    Just wanted to share my appreciation for the mod makers if they check here on occasion.

    Years later.... this mod is still amazing.

    I haven't played Med2 in probably 5 years or more, but when I got the itch for some Medieval 2 recently, I knew I'd have to run this mod with it.

    This game might be showing its old age in terms of its graphics and whatnot, but in many ways it is superior to the new TW's. Not dumbed down, all the old features we miss, the charm, the epic battle speeches, the cool units, its still great fun even after all this time. Throw in two shots of whiskey and two shots of nostalgia, and this is the pinnacle of Total war, for me at least. I don't know what it is but this one has that "one more turn, oh its 4am already" thing going on, that the new ones lack. I dunno what that is.

    Thanks to those that created the mod! Also thanks to Meloo for his bugfix patch which solves so many little annoyances, the herectics in Vanilla were the only thing I hated about old Stainless steel, the multiplied like Tribbles.

    And thanks to Gigantus for his installation package, makes using this with our modern pcs and steam a simple task.

    Thats all I got.
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    Default Re: After all these years this Mod still rocks!

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    Default Re: After all these years this Mod still rocks!

    It really still is the best.

    A couple weeks ago I got my annual Total War itch. After seeing a video on YouTube about the "Medieval 1212" mod for Attila Total War and how it was "the next best thing to an actual Medieval 3", I decided to give it a try. It has some interesting things and a lot of work was put into it but... it's just not SS, and after a few tries I ended up finding my way back to playing Medieval 2 with SS again.

    The next best thing to Medieval 3 is still Medieval 2 with Stainless Steel, as it has been for ages.

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