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    As always, many thanks to the team for all your very hard and talented work! I picked up an old camapign begun under the last version and noticed a strange behavior on the part of the rebel armies - instead of slowly building up (and reducing discontent) they attack the closest settlement as soon as they are spawned, with no chance of success. This could be just a glitch produced by playing an older save on a newer version, but wanted to bring it to your attention just in case. Thanks again.

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    i've never seen in this in DEI or any TW game. Pretty weird.

    Anyway on an unrelated note, so I guess if you have your enemy garrisoned in a city to help hold off a siege, you will often times also be facing a big rebel army that will spawn due to the garrison PO malus and gradually grow, ignoring the faction besieging you, that will attack you as soon as the siege is lifted? Hasn't happend to me yet just wondering if anyone has had that experience. or if the rebel armies will attack your enemy instead

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    Yeah, it is weird, never saw it before either, but is happening consistently in my Egypt campaign. It means that rebels are never a threat, but I also don't get the PO benefit from malcontents joining the rebellion.

    Hopefully it will stop when I start a new campaign.

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