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Thread: My computer crashing when play "Total War"

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    Default My computer crashing when play "Total War"

    Hello everyone, a problem has been happening on my computer recently. The issue is whenever I play "Total War" on my computer, it starts to crash. After playing 10-15 minutes the problem get starts.

    But I can't understand why it's happening. I have got an article from online, that suggested some solutions. Tried to play the game by disabling programs in the background. But the same issue is happening. It is not like my system is overheated.

    I hope the issue is about the driver. I checked out the driver and it's showing out of date. If I update it by installing the driver, will there create any issue? Any kind of help would be highly appreciated.

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    Default Re: My computer crashing when play "Total War"

    If the problem only happens after playing the game for a while then it could be a memory (RAM) issue. The game has a tendency to memory leaks so faulty memory could accelerate the issue.

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    Default Re: My computer crashing when play "Total War"

    You can't get a clear answer with this information. Each game works differently. Total War is a franchise, not a specific title. How your computer is set up and what you're trying to do in that title are also important (modding, an unusual computer?). The above on memory could have been covered if we had an idea how much memory there is in the first place. Computers are powerful because they are flexible. They are a pain in the ass for the same reason.

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    Default Re: My computer crashing when play "Total War"

    Well, assuming it is a memory problem, a fast confirmation, if each memory stick has sufficient capacity, is to pop out the rest, and test them individually, by playing that specific game.

    Or swap out the entirety with another set from either one of your other personal computers, or someone else's.
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    Default Re: My computer crashing when play "Total War"

    Crash as in? CTD = Crash to Desktop or Crash = BSOD = Blue screen of death? Or Crash = Unexpected Shutdown?

    • Hardware configuration, RAM & improper drivers can all result in crash to desktop. Usually the best way to remedy this is the long painful way of reinstalling complete windows from scratch. Also these days, ever since 2020, Windows 10 updates have known to cause a lot of issues. So restoring your system to a previous build may resolve the issue, you could try that as well.
    • Driver failure usually are shown as BSOD with some error message which can be traced and worked upon using the dump file windows create.
    • Unexpected shutdown could be due to many reasons, my guess could be a failing hardware, particularly PSU. Seems the PSU fails to provide proper load power whenever power draw is requested by the GPU\GPU. Could be RAM as well. Narrowing it down can be done using AIDA64 stress test. You could do a complete system stability test or specific component test.
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    Default Re: My computer crashing when play "Total War"

    I'll add to Ishan's list that if it the following are true, we are very likely talking about a known issue that can be helped:

    - The Total War game is an older one. I know at least Medieval II: Kingdoms from 2007 is old enough to be affected, but some newer titles may be too.
    - a CTD happens; the game just disappears and you end up on your windows desktop, but everything else except the game is still working.
    - it always happens during a large combat and especially in the end of a large combat. That includes when the casualties etc. are counted after the action is over.

    Please let us know.
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    Default Re: My computer crashing when play "Total War"

    Kinda brings to mind driver problems.

    If it's specific to just the Total War game, and not to some other ones that are about equally demanding, maybe a reinstall of the operating system and game.

    If it's the power unit, change it immediately, because you may be harming the other components.
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    Default Re: My computer crashing when play "Total War"

    I must be a driver problem. check your drivers if they are updated.

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