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    Below are the lists of all the winners of the 2020 Modding Awards, sorted by categories.

    Warscape engine, Steel Age (Rome 2, Attila, Throne of Britannia, Three Kingdoms, Troy)

    Favorite mod/overhaul
    1st: Divide et Impera
    2nd: Medieval Kingdoms 1212
    3rd: Age of Bronze

    Favorite submod/minor mod
    1st: Testudo 1.7 & Revised Victory Conditions and Chapters
    3rd: No More Cheating AI Mod & Ancient Women Mod & Navy Overhaul for all Factions

    Favourite modder
    1st: Dresden & KAM 2150
    3rd: Jake Armitage & Benjin

    Warscape engine, Musket Age (Shogun 2, Empire, Napoleon)

    Favorite mod/overhaul - submod/minor mod
    1st: Last Alliance
    2nd: Napoleon's Eagles & Durango's Historical Portraits Mod

    Medieval 2

    Favorite mod/overhaul
    1st: Tsardom Total War
    2nd: DCI: Last Alliance
    3rd: The Great Conflicts

    Favorite submod/minor mod
    1st: SSHIP
    2nd: Game of Thrones: Fire and Blood
    3rd: Portrait Enhancement Pack **Ar-Adunaim RELEASE** for DaC

    Favourite modder
    1st: Gigantus
    2nd: Jurand of Cracow & jurcek1987

    Favourite Classical mod
    1st: Europa Barbarorum II
    2nd: Forgotten Realms of Middle-Earth & Rusichi Total War & The Last Kingdom.


    Favorite mod/overhaul
    1st: IB Restitutor Orbis
    2nd: Extended Cultures V
    3rd: Total War 1942

    Favorite submod/minor mod
    1st: WWC_Diadochi
    2nd: Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy
    3rd: LotR - The Campaigns Addon

    Favourite modder
    1st: julianus heraclius
    2nd: Joar
    3rd: Lanjane

    Favourite Classical mod
    1st: RSIII
    2nd: Rome Total Realism VII
    3rd: Lord of the Rings: TW

    Tools & Resources

    Favorite Tool & Resource for TW2 Engine
    1st: IWTE tool
    2nd: Medieval II Engine Overhaul Project
    3rd: Rome Total War Randomiser

    Favorite Tool & Resource for Warscape Engine
    1st: RMEditor
    2nd: Rusted PackFile Manager
    3rd: Template_map.xml - Python and 3DS Max Scripts for analysing the battle templates

    Favorite Tool & Resource maker for TW2 Engine
    1st: youneuoy
    2nd: wilddog
    3rd: paleologos & Louis Lux

    Favorite Tool & Resource maker for Warscape Engine
    1st: Phazer
    2nd: Frodo45127 & Primergy

    Misc Awards

    Committee's Favorite mod
    Faerun [Forgotten Realms] TW
    Tribes of Britannia
    The Italian Wars

    Committee's Favorite modder
    Sara Temer

    Favorite New modder
    1st: KurdishNomad
    2nd: Lusitanio & Belovèse

    Favorite Classical modder
    1st: koultouras
    2nd: Baron Samedi
    3rd: dvk901 & rafmc1989

    All the polls have been moved to the archives, that you can find here
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