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    There seems to be something of a roleplay/letís play renaissance in the DEI community, so I am inspired to add my own creation.

    This project is aimed at hardcore role-players, who enjoy a slow and deliberate pace.

    A primary aim of this project is to form plausible rationalisations of events that take place in the game, not only from the playerís perspective, but also the AI. So, for example, if a character possesses a certain trait, or, skill, this may be used as a basis upon which to rationalise a specific decision.

    A secondary aim of this project is to try and add an element of historicity to the overall narrative. To this end, I have planned and conducted quite extensive research and will continue this as the series progresses.

    I understand this series is probably not for everyone, but thought I would post it in case a few you enjoy it.

    The first video post here is an introduction to the project, which sets out the aims in more detail.

    Below this, I will post the first episode. More shall be added in the future.

    Thank you DEI team for a great mod :-)

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    Here is the first episode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake Armitage View Post
    Thank you Jake. I hope work on ROR goes well. Looking forward to hearing more as it progresses.

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    Interesting concept.

    As an amateur video maker myself, I was really glad when someone pointed out the importance of Safe Zones to me.
    TLDR; Some device will crop the screen, In your case Youtube might decide to crop the screen for no apparent reason (!) and you will end up losing 15% of the txt.
    Making most of it ineligible.
    Most editing software have an option to turn on an overlay of where the Safe Zones are.

    Also, I think you will do much better if you introduce TTS (text to speech) or even your voice.
    Most people utilize YouTube as a visual or audio (leaving it in the background) medium, some find the need to read as a foreign concept (On Youtube).
    Not sure you want to attract those kind of people, but its some food for thought.

    In case you want to experiment;
    Google has some free TTS with nice vocal ranges.
    The example is horrible, of an accent I find funny... but there are also some 'normal'/'human' voices.
    Notably the British B, Most of the Americans and Indian ones as well.

    Hope it helps,
    Good luck conquering the world!

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    Thank you for the feedback Oga. That first point does sound concerning. I will keep an eye on it.

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