I'm trying to make custom (generic) Sorcerer Lord for Warriors of Chaos. I want him to use 2 or 3 different lores of magic, but I can't get results I need.

I put spells I want in "character_skill_nodes_tables" but it seems like "special_ability_groups_to_units_junctions_tables" takes priority. If I add 3 lores of magic, I have selection of all spells of these lores spell table, which would be a mess in campaign. But I need to have only 6 spells, as standard, for that Lord. Is there any way to do it?

Can I make custom line entry in "special_ability_groups_to_units_junctions_tables" to limit it to the spells I need?

Anyway, what's the point of "character_skill_nodes_tables" if it gets overridden by "special_ability_groups_to_units_junctions_tables"?