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Thread: Old Georgian Units Submod for EB II 2.35A

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    Icon6 Old Georgian Units Submod for EB II 2.35A

    Colchis( Kingdom Of Egrisi) and Iberia (Kingdom Of Kartli ) - information and pictures

    Colchis-Land of the Golden Fleece

    Old Georgian Symbol - Borjgali . Georgian Borjgali is With seven beams .

    Kingdom of Iberia c. 302 BC

    Colchian Warriors -
    V-III c BC

    Iberian Warriors - V-III c BC

    this is Iberian plate helmet From the side view. sorry, image is bad quality.


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Georgian tribes in 20'th - 10'th century BC.

    Early Georgian Kingdoms: Colchis, Diaeuhi and Hurrian-Georgian
    (Chaldian) Kingdom Of Urartu

    Georgian (Kartvelian ) Tribes and other Caucasian Tribes , After Fall Of Hurrian-Georgian ( Chaldian) Kingdom - Urartu.
    Georgian tribes were : Chalybes ,Chaldaei, Tibareni, Mosynoeci, Colchi, Macrones ,Saspires, Taochi, Gogari, Phasiani, Moschi, Lazi, Iberi, Coraxi, Abasgi, Heniochi.

    270 BC - Europe and Georgian Kingdoms

    Kingdom of Iberia, III c. BC

    Gneus Pompeus's Campaigns in Georgia (Colchis and Iberia) 66 - 63 BC

    Georgian archeology

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    Colch-Iberian Types and Cavalry - From Georgian Archeology

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    Colch-Iberian warriors on Colchian bronze battle belt .11th-7th BC century.

    round shield

    Iberian Man VI-IV c BC

    Iberian man - 7 th century BC

    Colchian Man VI-IV c BC

    colchian cavalry 8th-7th BC century

    Colchian Battle bronze - leather Belt. 11th BC-7th BC century.

    Iberian and Cochian Cavalry IV-III c BC

    Kutaisi fountain- Larger Copy

    Iberian Battle Chariot VI-IV c BC

    Colchian Woman IV-III BC

    Weapons - Archaeological Materials (Only Period Of Game)
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    Colchian Warrior -Weapons


    III century BC - 33,37 cm

    III century BC- 34cm

    III century BC -33, 37cm

    III,II century BC- 25,34 cm

    III,II century BC - 41,46 cm

    III,II century BC - 25,27 cm

    III,II century BC-25 cm

    III,II century BC -34 cm

    III,II century BC -29 cm


    IV,III century BC - 21,27 cm


    IV,III century BC - 50 to 80 cm

    VI,I century BC - 55 to 75 cm


    I century BC- 29 cm


    III,II century BC

    IV,II century BC

    Iberian Warrior - Weapons


    I century BC , I century AD - 31 cm

    II century BC-20cm

    III century BC-20cm

    IV-III century BC-48cm

    IV-III century BC - 40cm

    IV-III century BC -35 cm

    IV-III century BC - 20cm

    IV-III century BC - 30 cm

    IV-III century BC - 45,48 cm

    IV-III century BC -25 to 26 cm

    IV-III century BC -35 cm


    IV-III century BC - 13cm

    IV-III century BC- 15,17 cm

    IV-III century BC- 25cm


    IV-III century BC

    My Art

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    Colch-Iberian Warrior

    Colch- Iberian warrior , Svan Warrior

    Colchian Warrior

    Ancient Georgian alphabet, culture and Units names

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    Old Georgian Alphabet and writhing
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    King Pharnavaz I - Asomtavruli alphabet- 3 th century BC

    Jumati-Colchian writing 6th c BC-2th c BC

    Grakliani writhing 11th -10th c BC

    Khevsureti writhing -in caucasus mountains

    Nekresi writhing 1th c AD -3th c AD

    Units Native Names
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    Iberians Spearmens - Shubosanni Kartlisani
    Iberians Cavalry- Mkhedarni Kartlisani
    Iberians Warriors - Meomarni Kartlisani

    Colchians Spearmens - Egrisali Borzalamephi
    Colchians Skrimshers - Egrisali Khesh-borzalamephi
    Colchian Warrior- Egrisali Malimarephi

    Chaldian Spearmens - Chani Borzalamephi
    Chaldian Warrior - Chani Malimorephi

    Svan Warriors - Mushvan Meshialaa
    Svan Archers - Mushvan Mtskhemdamalaa


    Iberia-Kartli. Iberians -Kartlelni ,
    Kingdom of Iberia - Kartlis Samepho

    Colchis - Egrisi . Colchians - Egrephi
    Kingdom of Colchis - Egrisish Omaphe

    Chaldia, Chalibea - Chanephi .
    Chaldians , Chalibeans - Chanephi

    It's possible to create such units
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    1.Iberian shock Cavalry - Mkhedarni Kartlisani
    2.Iberian Skrimshers Cavalry- Mkhedarni Satkhedosanni
    3.Iberian Battle Chariots - Etlni Sabrdzoloni
    4.Iberian Spearmens - Shubosanni Kartlisani
    5.Iberian Swordsmens - Makhvilosanni Kartlisani
    6.Iberian Skrimshers / Axeman - Satkhedosanni/Tsulosanni Kartlisani
    7.Iberian Archers - Mshvilosanni Kartlisani

    8.Colchian Skrimshers / Axemans -Egrisali Khesh Bordzalamephi
    9.Colchian Swordsmens - Egrisali Malimorephi
    10.Colchian Hoplites - Egrisali Bordzalamephi
    11.Colchian Archers - Egrisali Mesthaganeephi
    12. Colchian Slingers - Egrisali Meshqurdumephi

    13.Chaldian phalanx - Chani Borzalamephi
    14.Chaldian Skrimshers / Swordsmens - Chani Khesh-borzalamephi

    15. Svan Hunters Archer - Mushvan Mtskhedamalaa

    Georgian Folk Music :
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 


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    Default Re: Colchis and Iberia (information and pictures)

    Interesting. It's nice to read more on such a relatively obscure corner of the Ancient World.
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    Default Re: Colchis and Iberia (information and pictures)

    Very nice and accurate! I hope we will see this units of Colchians and Iberians in EBII

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    Default Re: Colchis and Iberia (information and pictures)

    Great collection of materials for Georgia! +rep!
    Dominik Peut,
    President of Association "Gromovnik" & Project Leader of Anno Domini,
    mag. educ. geogr. et hist.

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    Default Re: Colchis and Iberia (information and pictures)

    Your work is priceless.

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    Default Re: Fans suggestion thread for future releases

    The Caucasus is very forested And a high mountainous Strategic place. With narrow passages
    In the game Caucasus is like a steppe

    1.Kelasuri Wall
    2.Apsaros castle
    3.Rikoti Pass
    4.Kura ravine
    5. Castle Aragvi Gate ( Dariali , alan: Dari-Alan )
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    Default Re: Colchis and Iberia (information and pictures)

    Castles And City in Colchis-Iberia . Reconstructions

    Colchian Fortress on the mountains

    Colchian Fortress on the mountains

    Colchian Fortress on the mountains

    Colchian Fortress - In the lowlands

    Vani - Colchis

    Mtskheta - Armazi Castle

    Mtskheta - City

    Iberians battle Formations

    Iberians in attack
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    Default Re: Colchis and Iberia (information and pictures)

    What are the shields based on?
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    Default Re: Colchis and Iberia (information and pictures)

    From book : Weapons and Armour in Georgia (5th century BC - 4th century AD)

    30 cm bronze Shield boss

    hoplon shield

    shield boss II-I c BC

    II-I c BC Colch-Iberian leather Covered Shield is similar this Shield

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    Default Re: Colchis and Iberia (information and pictures)

    Thank you. I will try to find the text about the shields.

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    Default Re: Colchis and Iberia (information and pictures)


    see In my first post - PDF Files and Web Pages. gela gamkrelidze - Vol.11

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    Default Re: Colchis and Iberia (information and pictures)

    I'm not sure if even half of this stuff would get implemented in EBII, but thanks regardless for bringing this stuff to light and to our attention. Very interesting indeed! +1 rep.

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    Default Re: Colchis and Iberia (information and pictures)

    my speed art - Caucasian iberian Cavalry (Mkhedari Kartlisai, plural - Mkhedarni Kartlisani )

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    Default Re: Colchis and Iberia (information and pictures)

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    Default Re: Colchis and Iberia (information and pictures)

    Old Georgian Warriors Frpm historically Books

    iberian late era cavalry I bc - I ad

    iberian Early era cavalry and Infantry V bc- II bc


    Weapons is out of game, bronze

    slinger and archer

    Colch-Iberian In Action

    Colch-Iberian Persons

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    Default Re: Old Georgia - Colchis and Iberia (information and pictures)

    Uplistsikhe - old Georgian City 3000 BC century

    Trialeti culture - Old georgian Culture 2500-1700 BC
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    Default Re: Old Georgia - Colchis and Iberia (information and pictures)

    really nice and accurate work, nice job, thank you for your work.

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    Default Re: Old Georgia - Colchis and Iberia (information and pictures)

    Very nice work!

    In your artwork, please pay attention to hands holding pole-like objects. They are the only things that defy natural perspective enough to immediately catch my attention. Hands are of course difficult to draw and one of the things that human observers pay a lot of attention to.

    When fingers grow gradually bigger from a relatively small index finger to a large little finger ("pinky"), as they do now in some your work, it gives the impression that the hand is tilted where the pole is not. Also, when the character is holding a spear or somesuch vertically, the pole should not be too close to the knuckles, the back of the hand or the wrist. Please allow the hand to have its natural width.

    This is not advice from an illustrator or painter that is better than you, however. In fact I suck. I just feel that someone as good as you should really work on those small details to perfect ones art. Looking forward to more of your illustrations!

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    Default Re: Old Georgia - Colchis and Iberia (information and pictures)

    Dear Khevsur,

    Your work is really impressive and illustrates your passion for the topic! I really hope you will be able to participate in great mods like EBII or DBM to give us the opportunity to play with these units and background.

    Thank you very much,


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    Default Re: Old Georgia - Colchis and Iberia (information and pictures)

    what's new ?

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