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Yeah man I am playing with mercenaries and allied governments right now as Lougionnes. you are right no keltic governments available in any of the homeland regions except for starting province. The culture is high ( over 70% ) but no options to have your own factional units.. That s why I was asking how to lower the culture below 65% so a player could build atleast tributary nation government. Also I think that Lougiones Can t have all their camps converterd to Cities and towns since I did it on the capital and Asanka but no camp of the other homeland camps. So I got 2 camps converted and other settlements like Scurgum and Kalisia won t give me the farm building to convert to towns. Also note : That once you destroy in your starting sttlement the keltic government, you can t rebuild it. It only allows for allied governments.
That's because the culture requirement for the Keltic Overlord is 25% Western Tribal States - which I dropped to 10% in the fix-patch. You can't influence that with your faction's religion either.