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Thread: Game does not start anymore.

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    Default Game does not start anymore.


    I play ETW ten years, whit no problems.
    I have play this mod yesterday verry well.

    Today it wil not start the camping.

    I have uninstall the mod, and i have uninstall the whole game, an installed again but it won't start anymore.

    What is the problem? I have never problems whit ETW before....... :-(

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    Default Re: Game does not start anymore.

    Have you tried to verify game cache in Steam and only launch ETW?

    If that doesn't help you can also delete the script folder and launch ETW then TAR or just launch TAR.

    C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Empire\scripts
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    Default Re: Game does not start anymore.

    Hello, yes I tried that but nothing worked.
    But I have found the solution that works for me.
    I changed the compatibility mode from Empire.exe to windows xp service pack 2.
    Now it all works again.
    Thanks for thinking along.


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