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    I LOVE this mod and I think I want to try a Macedonian campaign. However I noticed that they can't recruit the elite units from the start (the other Diadochi states however can).
    Is there something I have to do before I can recruit units like the Hetaroi and agema phalanx for the Macedonians?


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    You have to complete the Kingship Reform. You must build Gift Estates, Roads Garrisons, and Coastal Patrols, and repair the mines in Pella. You also have to kill Pyrrhus. Once you do so the script builds a Dynastic Administration in Pella

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    Ah yes, so that's what the Kingship does.
    Thank you for the fast reply. Pella's been taken, next step is to hunt down that weasel Pyrrhus!

    Thanks again!

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