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Thread: Problems with map editing

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    So I tried adding 4 settlements to the game: Elis - Olympia, Cimmeria - Phanagoria, Bosphorus (Renamed old Bosphorus to Taurica) - Panticapaeum, and Boeotia - Thebai. When I first troubleshooted it would just go to the menu, which I fixed by removing Thebai (I assume it was because it was too crowded/small a region). The cities appear and the game doesn't crash, but there are problems I have still:

    1. The game automatically starts up with fog of war turned off
    2. All diplomatic relations are gone for all factions
    3. The only rebel settlement that has a specific culture type and garrison is Panticapaeum which I added. All the other rebel settlements, even those priorly inhabited/garrisoned, are empty and have a generic rebel symbol

    Is there a reason this happened? Is there a way to fix this? Thanks in advance.

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    *For context I simply was modding RTW to add a few cities to test how it would change the flow of the game for the Greeks. I am not doing anything else but adding a few settlements with garrisons.

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