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Thread: Description of the Roman Empire in campaign selection is wrong.

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    Default Description of the Roman Empire in campaign selection is wrong.

    INB4 I'm annoying, pretentious, etc...

    I know. I'm not expecting any of this to be changed, nor do I think it really matters in any case. Think of this as just pointless /r/badhistory type nitpicking. Let me begin.

    Formerly known as the 'Eastern Roman Empire' this is the shadow that remains of the entire Roman Empire.
    No one called it the "Eastern Roman Empire". It was known as the "Roman Empire" or "Empire of the Romans" until the end. In-game it should be called "Empire of the Romans" to not confuse people.

    It is a mere shadow because despite retaining the civilised ways of the Roman legacy, these Greek-Romans have done little to further it.
    Actual racism. "these Greek-Romans" Wow. The history of the Romans (after the collapse of the west) is full of them furthering Roman "legacy". Justinian's Restoration, Restoration under the Makedonian dynasty, the upcoming Komnenian Restoration. Not to mention that Constantinopole was the cultural, scientific, and religious capital of the Christian world.

    In fact, it is their reverence of the old ways that has brought the empire to a point of stagnation, in a world that has gradually kept moving on.
    More like the fact that the Empire had been under near-constant assault from all sides for centuries. Remember those crusader people? Those who managed to fight the Muslims for a few years before being booted from the holy land? The Romans had been fighting them alone since the 600s, while also fighting in the Balkans. The pope himself is responsible partially, for supporting the Normans. Not to mention an unfortunate string of passive emperors after Basil II not doing enough to defend the Empire.

    The differences between the thinking in Constantinople and the west were most profoundly highlighted with the Great Schism, the division of Christendom.
    Great Schism is overrated, but I don't like theology so let's not talk about it.

    Despite boasting the world's trade capital and home of Orthodox Christianity in Constantinople, the Roman Empire is well past its zenith and is now in steady decline. The outer regions of the empire have been slipping from the Emperor's grasp for decades now. To the west, the Normans have taken southern Italy, and in the east, the Turks have moved into Asia Minor after their decisive and terrible victory at Manzikert. The latter of these two losses was the worst defeat the Empire had suffered in its entire history.
    In a world with Adrianople and Yarmouk, no one with half a brain can call Manzikert their worst defeat. The only reason Manzikert matters is because the empire suffered a series of civil wars afterwards, and that's less because of the battle itself, and more because Michael VII can go himself. The imperial army wasn't destroyed at Manzikert. Most of them got out alive and in (relatively) good order. As far as losses in battles go, the battle of Dyrrachium was far more devastating, because it cost the empire many of their remaining elite formations.

    To make matters worse, general corruption, chaos and dissent has lead to some of the other provinces closer to home to rebel. \n\nArguably, the greatest threat to the Empire lies in its independence from Rome itself. There is a significant risk that the lords of the west will consider the lands of Orthodox Christianity to be fair game unless the Pope decrees otherwise. It is a true irony that Constantinople may now have to appease Rome after becoming the new capital of the Roman Empire centuries ago. If the Roman Empire is to once again become the dominant power of the east, then it will first need to reclaim its heartlands wholly before encroaching upon the borders of another power. The Roman legacy is long and predominantly proud, but unless the Emperor can turn things around in a hurry, it is a legacy that will soon end.
    This is fine.

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    Default Re: Description of the Roman Empire in campaign selection is wrong.

    You are right, Manzikert was not their worst defeat.
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    Default Re: Description of the Roman Empire in campaign selection is wrong.

    As a fellow Byzantinist (well, technically in a year, when I've done my Master's), I agree with most of the points raised, but I disagree that the Great Schism wasn't a big deal -- though it depends which campaign you are playing, the one before 1204 or the one after

    As a Serb, I also agree with the caps-locked content of The Noble Lord's signature.

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    Default Re: Description of the Roman Empire in campaign selection is wrong.

    That description was written by CA, not by the Stainless Steel team.

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