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Thread: Colonialism 1600AD: world at war

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    This is standalone version. But if you don't have big experience in playing mods on ETW, you should read the description properly.

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    So all i need to do is install the files in the original post? Downloading now So your data folder goes within the Empire data folder, not to overwrite any vanilla files, correct? You might want to edit the original post for appdata/roaming. the full place to find it is C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Empire\scripts.
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    Just put files from Data of mod into Data of Empire. There are some changed files, so you have to overwrite it.

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    Thanks. I was looking at imperial splendour last night, seems it all goes in two folders that don't overwrite vanilla files. Good luck with this, i always wished this mod had a bigger fan base, its a unique period of history

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danylo View Post
    Could to tell what's the difference? I always play with most of these scripts and it's fine for me, but maybe there are some crucial changes.
    Just the different .lua changes I listed in the post you responded too. Everything was going well playing as Sweden until I got a crash when I clicked end turn. I tried 3 or 4 times and it didn't fix anything.

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    By changes i mean gameplay - what have changed in gameplay?
    I also sometimes have crash on clicking end turn, but it disappears when you load the savegame again.

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    I play a campaign for Sweden and got to 1652. I found out that cavalry units (Kompanijci Novyckogo 7th Guards) cause the game to crash into Windows in battles!

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    They didn't have to be in game, it seems, i didn't delete them completely.

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    The mod is updated. Changes are mostly in tactic part and units stats.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    -Fixed the number of guns in the galleon;
    -Added mounted cavalry standard-bearers;
    -vanilla units have been removed from custom battles;
    -Fixed some characteristics of units, the number and dependence on technologies;
    -Added technology "platoon firing": it is available to England, the Netherlands and Prussia, as well as some elite units of other armies. Not yet fully done;
    -The number, quality and features of units of individual countries have been changed for historical consistency. My goal was to make it so that Sweden, the Netherlands, late England and late Prussia were able to recruit fewer soldiers, but of better quality, while Russia, Austria and France could hire more soldiers, but of lower quality. Early Spain is somewhere in between - still in development. Also, late Swedish units are the best in melee and charge, but without bayonets (except for grenadiers) and have very little ammunition to match the Swedish tactics of the late 17th-early 18th century;
    -one of the numerous "cuirassier" units was replaced by "The Ironsides" ones: they have a good charge and a very high morale, available in 2 units only for the English Republic;
    - one more of the numerous units of the "cuirassier" was replaced by "reiters" with the corresponding characteristics;
    -removed the ability to hire pikemen from buildings of the last level (except Sweden);
    -significantly reduced the maximum number of pikemen for recruitment at a later period;
    -added new portraits for France;
    -I have done partial retexturing (color correction, replacement of some elements with better quality) of all units that had problems;
    -I have done a complete retexturing (color correction, replacement of some elements with better quality, replacement of uniforms, bug fixes, added a mustache and beard, more diversity) for some units;
    -Starting work on fixing unit models. In particular, the volumetric "12 Apostles" (powder flasks) were added to the early dragoons and colonial arquebusiers, instead of flat ones. They will be added to all other units.
    -added new units that were in the game files (that is, the units were not made by me, but simply “activated.” Many of them have also been changed and improved.

    Added these units:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    -Reformed Musketeer;
    -Late English Dragoons;
    -1st Regiment Of Foot Guards;
    -Prussian Musketeers;
    -Prins Frederick Regiment;
    -Colonial Musketeer;
    -Late Colonial Musketeer;
    -2nd Sydjyske Regiment;
    -Gardes Corps Dragoons;
    -French Reiters;
    -German Cavalry;
    -Italian Musketeer;
    -Heavy Italian Musketeer;
    -Late Dragoons;
    -Prussian Grenadiers;
    -Spanish Grenadiers;
    -Dutch Cuirassier Lancers;
    -Early Musketeers;
    -Dutch Mercenary Musketeers;
    -Finnish Musketeer;
    -Late Line Infantry;
    -Prussian Grenadiers;
    -Mercenary Arquebusiers;
    -Mercenary Musketeers;
    -Hombres de Armas;
    -Naples Halberdier;
    -Napolitana Arquebusier;
    -Nueva Leva Cavalry;
    -Terico Napolitana Musketeer;
    -Light Musketeer;
    -Swedish Halberdier;
    -Late Cuirassiers;
    -Governor's Guard Musketeers;
    -Cavalry Grenadier;
    -Life Regiment of Cavalry;
    -Von Gortz Regiment;
    -Mousquetaires de la Garde (Late);
    -Angermanland Regiment (putted to another model and completely changed the texture);
    -Baden Baden Regiment;
    -Oliver von Wallis Regiment;
    -Degenfeld Regiment;
    -Red Dragoons;
    -D'Arco Dragoons;
    -Dutch Blue Guards;
    -Trabaten Guards;
    -Cologne Dragoons;
    -Hessen-Darmstadt Grenadiers;
    -Dutch East India Musketeers;
    -Bulow Regiment;
    -Luneburg-Osnabruck Regiment;
    -Tercio de Sevilla;
    -English Carabineers;
    -Colonial Arquebusiers (Late);
    -Gardes te Paard;
    -Genevois Dragoons;
    -Haersolte Regiment;
    -Holland-Saint Amand Regiment;
    -Max Wallenstein's Regiment;
    -Earl of Northampton's Regiment;
    -Earl of Northampton's Horse Regiment (made by me);
    -Heavy Pikemen (Northern Germany);
    -Prince Rupert's Firelocks;
    -Reformed Harquebusiers;
    -Goldstein's Regiment;
    -Von Schlieben's Regiment;
    -Sir John Owen Regiment;
    -Sodermanlands Regiment (completely redesigned by me, including the model itself);
    -Light Halberdiers (Guardia del Rey);
    -Balkan Stradiots;
    -Virginia Musketmen;
    -Scappoli Volunteer;
    -German Mercenary Cavalry;

    And other minor fixes. The next step will be a complete retexturing of most of the units, editing the units of the middle of the century to better match the historical realities (as I did with the units "Södermanland Regiment" and "Angermanland Regiment"), because in the mod they are too much different from the units of the first half of the century. I will also change some low-quality elements on the units (such as the helmet and cuirass in Sword and Bucker, hats for many units), add a mustache and beard to the units, and finally make new units.

    Some screenshots of new and retextured units:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Angermanland Infantry Regiment. Modified by me. It was more of an experiment to make the unit look like the middle of the century - I think it worked out well, I'll do a couple of similar ones.

    Södermanland Infantry Regiment. Made by me (not quite to the end). Something like this is how the units of the middle of the century will look like.

    Dutch Blue Guard. Putted on a drummer model, will be improved in the future.

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    Default Re: Colonialism 1600AD: world at war

    Everyone, who downloaded the last version of the mod, please, download fix for the units - there was some problem with file and many units were without texture.
    Just put Col.models into Data and overwrite.

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    YOu have to delete all the other scripts before adding the user.empire_script Could that be the problem with people's game crashing?

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    Default Re: Colonialism 1600AD: world at war

    What do you mean? Of course, there don't have to be other empire.scripts. It would be better to delete all mods before installing this mod and then one by one putting them, because i don't know how it is compatible with other mods.

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    Hi, didn’t play empire for while but going to try out this mod, but got small confusion, post with link at first page include all updates and need download a fix from #30 ??

    dose VMD include all options even region liberation or loot like in napoleon ?
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    Default Re: Colonialism 1600AD: world at war

    Post in the link include all updates, you don't need to download fix.
    VDM have three options after taking region: occupy, loot and massacre. All of them have effects, which appear at the next turn. I recommend you read about VDM properly, as there are a lot of things.

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    I'm now working on global improvements of units - i've made level of details for some units and will make for all units - it will improve performance in the big battles, especially in battles with pikemen. I've also started to make mustache and beards for units and more variety.

    I've added one more style of clothing, rapier and powder flacks to Austrian infantry regiment, Red and Blue regiment of Danish army and foreign infantry if Poland.

    More interesting - i've completely reworked Tattenbach's (Preysing) and Schellemburg's Bavarian regiments and French regiments de Surbeck, Royal Danois, Royal Rousillon, Reynold and Salis.

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    some unit card are missing in custom battle set up , its suppose to be like this or got something wrong ??

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    Unit cards are missed for late period units, because i didn't finish to change their appearance yet. For the early period there have to be all unit cards, except for Reformed Musketeers of Netherlands and couple of middle-to-late units, because i will change their appearance too.

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    Hello brother. So how many vanilla files get overwritten when installing this mod? So i know what to back up.

    And this mod is being built off of the beta 4 correct? So basically any new version is credited off you. Youre the continuation of this interesting era, good luck

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    Well, it's hard to say. I made some changes in buildings stats and removed vanilla units from custom battles, so i changed main.pack and all patches. But these changes are little. Maybe i also changed something earlier, but i don't remember.

    Yes, this mod is based on beta 4 and sub-mod Colonialism Extended, as i remember (last sub-mod for 1600AD). But you can install it on vanilla, without 1600AD.

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    Default Re: Colonialism 1600AD: world at war

    Ok, when i learn to navigate my Empire Steam folders better I'll give this mod a try. Shame Empire doesn't have the M2 and Rome I mod folders to make things easy

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