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Thread: Europa Barbarorum remaster?

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    Default Europa Barbarorum remaster?

    with rome remastered will you guys remaster the original Europa barbarorum?
    Wil you play the game? the game of thrones.

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    Not likely, it's a different engine requiring a different skillset.

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    Seems like it'd be a lot of work for this already busy team. Hopefully it'll be fully moddable and we'll see a couple of spiritual successors to EB1 and RS.

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    if anyone from the original EB team is still around (Kull, Bovi...) maybe they will have some interest in this? i for one would definitely be interested in playing an improved version of good old EB1 (and other all time classics).

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    I mean Eb 2 runs fine on Med 2. I’m wondering how the other great R1 mods will handle the remaster. R1 has nearly every campaign scenario. I would like all the old R1 mods to be updated for the remaster. What’s stopping me from playing those mods is the silly FPS.

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    Yeah it'd be superb to play Roma Surrectum 3 or EB2 on Rome Remastered. Perhaps one day ..............
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