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Thread: Rome I Remastered.

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    Default Re: Rome I Remastered.

    I am very excited about this Rome "1" remastered version. I haven't bought it yet, but might do it later. I've played quite a lot rome 1 and loved it very much, but it was running like ancient game and graphic were so dull, UI was getting terrible.
    After seeing this remastered version made my wishes come true. Graphics are updated, textures are great, UI looks good but will see how simply is to use it. I have heard that that AI is still same like in original but not much matter me. Maybe bit.

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    Default Re: Rome I Remastered.

    Not even three months after release the thirty day average player base for Rome Remastered has collapsed to just above 1,500, rivaling ToB in terms of drop-off.

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    Default Re: Rome I Remastered.

    Give or take, about 1000 players are on RTW Remastered at any given time.
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    Default Re: Next TW game (kind of) leaked: Rome I Remastered.

    Quote Originally Posted by King Athelstan View Post
    It looks like the same engine will be used for battles at least, so I assume as much
    I really hope it will, I loved that engine so much.

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    Default Re: Rome I Remastered.

    Have you guys been playing any of the R1 Remastered big mods?
    I hear they're pretty good already!

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