Hi All,

I have a problem with texture modification. I tried to go with some examples from the steam workshop as samples (MTU remodel mod) and trying to delete some parts of hero units via deleting them from the DDS files.

I have inserted into a pack file in the same structure as it was the original one, renaming all files and references where relevant:

- the modified texture files
- modified variant definition
- ws model file
- material files

When I try to check the models in custom battle, the game crashes.

I have two tips, but can't really go with any of them on my own:
The materials file seems to be a bit more complicated to change properly (in the above mentioned example)
When saving the texture files in photoshop (2019) I have a lot of options and don't know is there is any restriction for them (it is strange to me that I can only 'save as' DDS file, as I remembered previously in that format I could have exported only)

Any tips, or hints:

Thank you in advance!