Empire Divided full reskin - RESTITVTOR ORBIS

The mod reskins every faction in the Empire Divided campaign. It reworks the auxiliaries to better fitting auxiliaries for the timeperiod (at least in my opninion). And its now standalone!


First of course the Crocteam and their amazing work!! Most Models are theirs! It includes work of Ahiga , Avetis, Dresen and Song of Talesin, Counterpoint, Imperator of Rome, Razor (Fall of Rome), GrudgeNL (Lux Aeterna) as far as i know.

The new models for the romans are the work of celticus (THE LAST ROMAN HD)! Many Thanks!
I used the work Kagarino Kirie and his HD ROMAN EXPEDITION mod for Attila!
I used some Patterns from the Kraut and Tea Resourcepack. Thank a lot!
I integrated Uniform colours remastered mod!
i used Patterns of the great mod "Immersive Shields and Armies" for Thrones of Britannia, which made nik000.
Thanks for that!
I used parts of weeags germanic shield pattern resource!
Avetis gave me the permission to use some of his beautiful work for Attila! Thanks!
I uses the late roman shield patterns from S4H!
I used the textures for the niederbieber helmets from RobbStark Empire divivded roman Variation mod! Many thanks!

Once again thanks to RAFSWI7 and MALAY ARCHER for the great promoshots!