The time has come to vote for our favored mods and modders!

Before going to vote, please read below for few notices:

- You only have one vote per poll (with the exception of Medieval 2 - Favorite Modder), and the vote(s) cannot be changed once cast.
- The polls will remain open for a minimum of 3 weeks; whenever the Committee will fix a deadline for the end of the polls I will take care of posting about few days in advance to make people aware
- Remember, you are not allowed to say for whom you have voted, nor you are allowed to advocate or oppose for votes, either in yours or someone else favor/damage. If a similar case will happen, all the votes in all the polls from the offender will be removed and discounted.

- Due to lack of nominations for the Musket category, we have merged the Favorite mod/overhaul and Favorite submod/minor mod in one single voting poll
- Due to almost complete lack of nominations for the Classical Mod categories of both Musket and Steel, we have scrapped those two polls for good
- Due to lack of nominations for the Favorite Modder in the Musket category, we have canceled that poll; we won't let the nominated modder go unrewarded, though, and will take care of that once assigning the Committee Choices.

Please use the links below to be redirected to the voting fora:

For any comment or suggestion, please remember to use the Commentary Thread.