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    Hello everyone,

    Quick question about the Saka, what should I do in this situation?
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    All tips are appreciated!

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    I am trying to get the saka reforms without attacking the Parthians yet.

    Does anyone know how long the unrest lingers in the provinces?
    Do I need to kill all the rebel armies?

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    I believe the script adds 80% or 100% unrest (that adds up to the base unrest don't forget), decaying 5% per turn. In my experience, expect 30-40 turns of chaos.

    Tip : if you manage to reconquer all the settlements you had + killing all spawned rebel armies, you'll have a +1 authority trait added to your FL and all its successor.

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    Wow, thank you for your answer!

    I did not know it would take so long for it to calm down.
    Could you give me some advise on keeping the settlements, did you just put a lot of soldiers in them?

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