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Thread: [project] - need for help - IS 1774 The American Revolution

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    I'm back in ETW, enjoying IS. Playing as a French.

    This mod is awesome, and I have a project I'm trying to put out. The current campaign start in 1783 at the very end of what the French call "la guerre d'indépendance Américaine", the American revolution.

    My gaol is start the campaign in 1774 and to emphasis on the American theatre. But not with the gaol to play as the American, but the French, the Spanish or the British instead.

    I've already start to mess around with ESF editor. I work on the save file for now as I'm quite a newbie here. I've managed to make basic changes like diplomatic attitudes, year which the campaign starts and such small things quite easy to handle to be fair...

    Now, I have two issues I may need some help to solve.

    1- I'm struggling to change the ownership of a region.

    To make a proper campaign, I need the get the region as there were in 1774. I have some issue due to a lack of knowledge... I went to Carolina region_array and change the faction ID and gov ID From the American to the British. It works, tho the garrison there is US, and I don't know how to change/remove it. I know I have to go further into Carolina region_slots and enter British's faction ID to seagable_garrison_residence, but I also have to do it for road, fortification and so on... Tho I can't figure out the right entry to put the British's ID.

    If someone have a comprehensive tutorial, it would be very welcome ! the one I've found weren't clear enough for my English level...

    2- British aren't aggressive enough.

    I can't get the British to be challenging enough. My guess is it have to do with CIA ? IDK... Nevertheless they don't build many ships or armies, even after 40 turns at war with them. On the other side, Spain which I was allied with, was very aggressive. I had to mess with Spain diplomatic array to make them more "passive".

    To go further : I would like to twink the start units like naval units so we end up with : Royal Navy = Marine Royale + Armada + Dutch Navy. But I'm not sure to have the set of skill and knowledge to do it alone.

    I don't know yet if I'm up to make an alternative campaign or if I keep messing up save file, but I definitely could use some help and advices.


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    This is a beatiful projects, but i have no espxperience in modding , cav i sugest to use the late units of the base imperial splendour? They fut better the american revolution

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    Maybe the TAR mod will let you borrow some units or suggestions for your own units. The background this and that can be from IS grand campaign

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