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Thread: Shogun 2 Anniversary Art Competition - submissions thread

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    Default Shogun 2 Anniversary Art Competition - submissions thread

    Creative Workshop Competitions - Check out our sister competitions here on TWC! << Picture & Video Competitions | Tale of the Week | General Writers' Study Competitions | Graphics Workshop Competition >>

    The Graphics Workshop's

    Shogun 2 Anniversary
    Graphics Competition

    Total War: Shogun 2 celebrates the 10th anniversary of its release on 15th March 2021.

    We invite everyone to join in the festivities by creating a work of art to mark the occasion!


    Submissions may not be larger than 1000x500 pixels

    Submissions will be accepted until at least 31st March 2021.

    The general competition rules may be read

    Please keep this thread for submissions only. Comments and discussion can be posted here or in members' workshops.


    First Place: Receives Troy + Amazons DLC (or 45 rep points)!
    Second Place: Receives 30 rep points!
    Third Place: Receives 15 rep points!

    For this one competition only, RafSwi7 has donated a game code for Troy + the Amazons DLC, which will be offered to the first place winner.
    (If the first place winner already owns Troy, or doesn't want the game, they will receive 45 rep points instead.) Many thanks to RafSwi7 for his generosity!

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