I am playing the Total War Warhammer 2: Eye of Vortex Campaign, as the Bretonnians.

I totally and utterly crushed a Vampire army, killed the leader/lord and destroyed the entire army to the last man. The victory screen revealed they had zero troops remaining. After the victory screen cleared the enemy lord was about 3-4 spots away and had a retinue/army of about 8 full strength units of varying quality.

How did that happen?

Note we were 4 turns march from his nearest city, deep in my territory.

I had to attack and crush the new stack before that vampire lord was actually, finally, dead.

I also have spent 4 turns chasing after a Wandering Dead horde stack and they keep getting further and further away with each movement turn, I cannot catch up with them.

It is apparent to me that the AI is able to do three things...

1- Conjure up replacements/fresh units IMMEDIATELY after a battle to the tune of 6-8+ full strength units.

2- Maintain alive a lord that was killed in the battle.

3- Move considerably farther than I can move, and regularly outpace me, getting further and further away, even when I use campaign march commands.

It leaves the game almost unplayable because I cannot even chase down an AI army and the AI will only engage me when they have an absurd 3 or 4 to 1 advantage.

Do you have experiences with the AI cheating?