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Thread: need scripting help with serious project

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    Default need scripting help with serious project

    hi and thank you~
    I have a very serious mod project I am almost ready too release ( everything is done new banners, new map with 150 accurate settlements, almost all ui from user info cards too all menus` main, campaign and battle~ new music most text (about %80) all strat characters ~ it would be nice if I could add some scripting to what I think is an awesome project so far~ thank you

    "Les Pays De France" (France is broken into ten different factions before it became a unified country) beta download link is here~

    I am an excellent mapper, rather good at 2d art and all ui (in my opinion hehe) from unit cards too menus, and can do adequately most other things if someone can offer too help me with some very basic scripting
    I would be willing too return the favor in terms of what they need in their project[s]
    thank you
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    Default Re: need scripting help with serious project

    all I want is a intro event which is different for each faction ( each faction gets their own unique event) and an event for each settlement too describing the settlement too happen after holding the new settlement for a turn thank you

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