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    So i was making some improvements on 1600AD for ETW and it gave me the idea of making a mod about 17th century on Napoleon Total War.
    The problem is, i can make startpos, edit stats and make some UI and design, but i have no knowledge and experience in making units and writing scripts.

    So i need some men, who could make new units and add some events and basic scripts (for beginning). You will have as much time, as you need, i will provide help with pictures and sources.

    If someone interested in help me - please, let me know in comments or in private messages. As soon as i know that i can get new units - i will start working on startpos and tables.

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    Basically, i have many portraits, icons, technologies, list of factions and startpos with diplomatic relations and historical characters on ETW, which i can easily copy to NTW and the mod could work. But without units it make no sense. So all i need id new units.

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