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Thread: Total War goes the movie Troy way - not a good idea imo :)

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    Default Total War goes the movie Troy way - not a good idea imo :)

    Games often go for a lazy/cheapening factor for a mix of reasons, including just not knowing or not caring about the source material. But I would have hoped Total War would do better.

    As with in the movie, Troy, they presented Hector as heroically trying to compete with Achilles (maybe this is just a modded battle in the video? - still, I protest against Achilles getting any hit ). But in the Iliad that's not at all what happens. There Hector is so afraid that he runs around the walls of Troy, trying to avoid the fight. And when (tricked by the gods) he does stand to fight, he dies instantly.

    That said, he was evenly matched with Ajax (they fight for very long, and it is a tie). But Achilles was massively stronger than Ajax. Also, Ajax already (iirc) had committed hubris (he refused the offer by a god to help him, saying that only weak warriors need gods to help ), so had no god on his side - and still didn't die in Troy.
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