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Thread: Can we do away with 'usurpers' for factional governments?

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    Default Can we do away with 'usurpers' for factional governments?

    By this I mean the requirement to have family members of the royal line in some settlements and non-royal line in others to avoid the significant malus.

    It's a nice idea, and adds some immersion, but the problem is that practically in game terms you can't manage your royal line in any non-gamey way. You inevitably end up with dwindling numbers or the line dying off, and because the game won't move on to marriages of other characters until you have accepted marriage for the one it's currently fixated on, this method doesn't work. It is very uninteresting to try preserve your royal line with the means available.

    I had this issue as Pahlava, and now again with Pontus.

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    Default Re: Can we do away with 'usurpers' for factional governments?

    It's been discussed in the past (this thread should be merged). I personally share the opinion of @Camcolit, but that's not the case with the mod creators.

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    Default Re: Can we do away with 'usurpers' for factional governments?

    Thanks for the link.

    I had a read through and though related I didn't see it suggested directly in that thread.

    I don't really urgently need some system to manage the family tree (though that would be nice). I don't really care if my royal line dies off, and I never suicide bad family members. All I'm asking is to simply drop the 'usurper' for factional governments (for family members in allied states that should have a client ruler, that's fine). This should be easy to do. I only care about the actual in-game effect of getting a malus that is based on the family tree which you can do very little about. It also punishes some factions and not others. KH doesn't have this issue, for example (as if KH needed more advantages).

    The only thing this requirement is doing now is add a small bit of flavor for when you first see it ('oh, that's pretty cool') which quickly turns to annoyance when you see how to plays out and that you can't actually manage your family tree. I always ignored the family tree, adopt whatever, marry whatever (I have a similar IRL policy). Then I came across this 'feature' and it made me consider it for the first time. Then I realized it doesn't actually work..
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