I am trying to create a mod to see what the base ancillary steal chance is but I'm a little stuck. Finding the base item drop rate was easy as that was in the export_helpers.lua script however as far I can see there is no such script for the ancillary steal chance (though I suspect it's 40% as well).

My idea was to use something like the thesniperdevil's mod Script Debug Activator and then create a script which calls the steal ancillary variable without modifiers and then outputs the steal ancillary variable into a log file. My problem comes from how to get this variable or if it's possible, I've found several entries in the database that modify the item steal chance such as wh_main_effect_character_mod_ancillary_steal in the effects table. I see in the script for the item drop chance they use character:post_battle_ancillary_chance() to return the base value chance of items dropping for the character which is added in the script to the base chance of 40%. If anyone has any insight on this I'd greatly appreciate it as I am stuck as what the next step is to find this value.

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